Top 10 Reasons To Do Business in Perryton

1.     Strategic Location
Centrally located in North America on US Highway 83, Perryton offers convenient access to domestic and foreign markets. Highway 83 is the only north-south U.S. highway that connects Canada to Mexico. Spanning 1,885 miles, it is one of the longest stretches of contiguous highway in America and is a key transportation route.

2.     Thriving Economy
Perryton’s economic strength stands out even in Texas—the number-one state for job growth and the best state for business for the past 10 consecutive years according to Chief Executive magazine. Local unemployment rates and gross sales numbers are better than state averages, and the state’s numbers surpass the nation’s.

3.     Lower Costs of Living & Doing Business
Perryton residents doubly benefit from a low cost of living and a low cost of doing business. The local cost of living index is 10.5 points lower than the national average. There are no personal income or property taxes at the state level, and Texas is among the country’s top 10 states with the lowest tax burden.

Commercial and industrial natural gas and electricity costs are below the national average. In addition, because Texas is the only state on its own grid, electrical transmissions and new energy development are free from federal regulation. This lack of federal regulation translates to a faster regulatory process for new energy development.

4.     Strong Workforce
Perryton is filled with hardworking, salt-of-the-earth people who take pride in what they do. According to the 2010 Census, by national standards, the town has a relatively young population, which bodes well for our future and can translate to a higher income potential over time.

5.     Diverse Economy
Perryton’s top industries include oil and natural gas, retail, education, agriculture, dairy farming, and hog farming. Ochiltree County is also an up-and-coming site for harnessing wind energy. The county has an economic base that is above average in diversity relative to the Texas economy. This means Ochiltree County has significant concentrations of employment in multiple industries, which translates into a more stable local economy that’s less susceptible to decline if one sector suffers a loss.

6.     Pro-Business, Supportive City
The city government and Perryton Community Development Corporation (PCDC) are pro-business and strive to help each company thrive. The PCDC provides assistance for all stages of a business—from site selection and demographics to scheduling meetings with community and state officials. Free business consulting is available to all local companies. The PCDC also can provide development incentives like property tax abatements and permitting fee waivers, and its staff can help with state grants. On a state level, Texas is a right-to-work state with no personal or corporate income tax.

Even fellow community members are rooting for companies to succeed. Perryton people support the town’s businesses and shop locally.

7.     Proven Success
Local entrepreneurs and national chains both have seen great success in Perryton. For example, the Perryton United Supermarket has the highest sales per customer of all the grocery store’s locations. And when the local Pizza Hut reopened at a new, expanded location, it set a franchise record for opening-week sales. Perryton is also home to the largest-volume RadioShack in the country; it has outsold the franchise’s other stores each year since 2004.

Even foreign companies are finding success in Perryton. Texas Farm, a division of parent company Nippon Meat Packers of Japan, has been operating locally since 1995.

8.     Excellent Education and Training
Perryton is home to Frank Phillips College Allen Campus, one of the nation’s top community colleges. In 2010, Washington Monthly ranked the school 27th in the nation and first in the state. The community college also provides workforce training opportunities.

In addition, the PCDC and Perryton-Ochiltree County Chamber of Commerce sponsor Leadership Perryton, an annual leadership training program for community members.

9.     Ample Recreation Options
Whether you want to beat the heat or avoid midwinter cabin fever, Perryton has an assortment of things to do. The Perryton Water Park includes water slides, a zero-entry area of the pool, and a toddler splash pad. Wolf Creek Park and Lake Fryer, located approximately 15 miles from town, offer a variety of recreational options including fishing, hiking, and camping. A restaurant, playground, and RV hookups also are on site near the lake.

Museum of the Plains showcases the area’s history with its local archeological artifacts, furnished historic buildings, and more. On Main Street, Ellis Theater shows the latest blockbusters on its two screens and hosts live performances.

10.   Greater Quality of Life
Perryton is a supportive, family-focused community. Low crime rates, affordable housing, a thriving downtown, and short commute times are just a few things that make living in Perryton less stressful and more enjoyable than other cities. The average driving time to work is 40 percent lower than the state average, and most local destinations are within a 10-minute drive.


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