The 411 on Recycling

Want to recycle but don’t know what do to? Simply take your separated recyclable items to our recycling center, which is opent to the public 24/7 at 9th Street and Ash.

At the center there are 13 dumpsters for the following types of items: newsprint, white paper, colored paper, clear plastic (for things like milk cartons), colored plastic, aluminum, and cardboard. In addition, there’s a bin to recycle used oil.

Throughout town, there are also 147 green-colored dumpsters for yard waste only. Everyone is encouraged to use the green dumpsters for all yard waste like bagged grass clippings. And 42 orange cardboard-only dumpsters are located behind businesses.

Not only should we recycle for environmental reasons, but we should do it for the city and our wallets’ benefits as well. According to Jim Powell with City of Perryton, the town is limited to 20 tons of waste disposal per day at the landfill. If we exceed that amount, we’ll have to line the landfill with polyethylene liners and drill water monitor wells. People currently pay $16 a month for trash service, but those extra expenses would increase the monthly cost to $40 a month. So the more we can do to keep waste out of the landfill, the better.


  1. Sarah 07.23.10

    Why don’t they have a place to recycle #1 plastic for water and coke bottles? We use tons of those and it is so wasteful to not recycle them.

  2. admin 07.26.10

    Hi, Sarah, we think you can recycle them in the clear plastic recycling bin.

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