Splash Day: Grand Opening for New Water Park

The school year is drawing to a close, which means it’s nearly time for one of the best things about summer—the opening of the pool. This summer’s pool season promises to be better than ever with the debut of Perryton’s new city pool and water park.

Sunday, June 2 will be Splash Day, and everyone will have the opportunity to try the new pool and water park for free. The city facilities include a renovated pool, a circular slide, a “water bowl” funnel slide, a toddler splash park, a zero-entry area of the pool, and new bathhouse and concession areas.

You can view photos of the renovations below, but you’ll have to see the new pool in person to check out all the new features!

Perryton Municipal Pool and Water Park
1502 S. Jefferson St.
Hours: Monday–Saturday 1–7 p.m.; Sunday 2–6 p.m.
Admission: free on Splash Day; all other days $5 for kids 48” and under, $6 for all others


  1. kelly stadelman 05.29.13

    Isn’t splash day june 2nd???

  2. Phyllis Laird 05.29.13

    July 2nd????? Is it possible that should ready June 2nd?

  3. perrytonpipeline 05.30.13

    Great catch! Yes, that was a mistake on our part. Sorry about that. We corrected it. As you suspected, it is June 2.

  4. susan holoka 05.31.13

    Are there season passes that can be purchased?

  5. perrytonpipeline 06.04.13

    Yes, you can buy multi-visit passes at City Hall or the pool. Here are the prices.
    Under 48” tall: 10 visits for $45 or 20 visits for $80
    Over 48” tall: 10 visits for $55 or 20 visits for $100

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