Restoring Ellis Theater

Since 1928, Ellis Theater has been a main attraction in Perryton. To keep it going as one of our top entertainment venues, owner Gregg Schroeder has been renovating the building for the past year. Now, it not only functions as a theater for movies but for plays and performances as well.

Although most of the renovations are in the main theater, improvements have been made throughout the building. New carpet decorates the foyer, and the walls are repainted. The concession counter is retiled as well.

In the large-screen theater, the seats are replaced, and the walls have a fresh coat of paint. The screen was removed; in its place is a new one that rolls up to make the stage accessible for live performances. The stage floor is refinished, and the former screen was cut in half to make a screen for presentations with projectors. In addition, the balcony is redone and reopened.

Below the stage are rebuilt dressing rooms and a green room with a newly added kitchen. There is also a small prop room for plays.

Next door, the building is being renovated to be an office for the Conservatory of the Plains.

Now that the stage is refinished, it is hosting live performances. During this year’s Wheatheart of the Nation Celebration, the play Annie will be performed two nights. Two bands will perform, and John Erickson will give a presentation.

You’ll want to check out the theater for yourself, but here are some photos below.

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