Perryton Pop Quiz

Test your knowledge of Perryton and Ochiltree County with this month’s trivia quiz!

What’s the average high temperature in March in Perryton?

What’s the average low temperature in March in Perryton?

Perryton has more than _______ specialty shops, restaurants, and service-related businesses.

Approximately how many ranches are located in Ochiltree County?

What’s our average ranch size?


  1. Jo Johnson 04.02.12

    Gonna have to study better.

  2. Carolyn Thompson 04.02.12

    Not too bad!

  3. megan Chatman 04.02.12

    I did alright for completely guessing.

  4. Marsha Neely 04.02.12

    I didn’t guess very well this time.

  5. Vicky Lilly 04.04.12

    Got Lucky!

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