Business Owner Q&A: Mette Hansen of The Flower Pot

Mette Hansen and her husband, Torben, moved to Perryton from Denmark in September of 2008. The couple owned a dairy there, but due to governmental control and restrictions wanted to relocate to a different country. Since their move here three years ago, the couple and their four children—ages 19 months to 11 years—have been growing Hansen Dairy. And on September 15 of this year, Mette opened The Flower Pot (15 SW 7th Avenue; 648-4140). We talked to Mette about her move to Perryton and her new flower shop. Here’s what she had to say.

Why did you and your family move to Perryton?
We met Sheryl Hardy [Executive Director of the Perryton Community Development Corporation], who introduced us to Perryton. My husband had been traveling to find a place that would be good. Here, there is good water, lots of land, and lots of possibilities. It’s a nice place to be a farmer, and it’s a nice place to raise a family. We would not have been in Perryton without Sheryl. She’s such a warmhearted person, and she followed through with what she was saying when getting us to come here.

Why did you decide to open a flower shop?
I always loved working with flowers in Denmark. While we were there, I worked in flower shops and took some courses. I realized that this is my thing. I was put on earth to work with flowers. When I work with flowers, I feel like I’m home.

I went to Leadership Perryton. At one of the meetings, one of the speakers said, “If you have a dream, follow it.” I thought, “I sure can dream it; I can do it then, I guess.” I kept dreaming and planning it, but it is all because of Leadership Perryton that I am here. That’s a great thing the city has going. I still would have had my dream, but I wouldn’t have dared to do it all the way without Leadership Perryton.

What type of training/experience do you have in floral design?
I took flower design courses in Denmark and here. I worked in several different flower shops in Denmark and over here. It’s been a good training. I wouldn’t have dared do it without it. I need to be able to offer the way you want your flowers here.

How do arrangements differ in Denmark?
I think here they’re a lot more traditional. There, the arrangements are a little more modern; they incorporate wire and different materials attached to the plant arrangements. I’ll always have arrangements in the shop that are a bit more modern, so people can see what they can get. I try to always have fresh-made arrangements made up, so they can pick them. I can also do the traditional arrangements, and I take special requests.

What sets you apart from other florists?
I have stuff that is a little more unique and not as cookie-cutter. I put a European touch on it. I try to have different plants that you don’t see all the time and fresh-cut flowers you don’t see all the time. I want to have it classy and quality. Even though we are in the Panhandle, I believe it’s possible to get fresh flowers here. I work hard to find good, fresh flowers and good prices.

I have some décor, containers, and baskets for arrangements that you don’t see at the other shops, and I have a little bit of jewelry in here. I’m also doing diaper cakes and door hangers for baby showers.

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