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Some of you might have noticed that last week we had a photographer around town taking pictures of businesses and landmarks. Inspired by the great photos of Perryton we got and by feedback we’ve received from you guys on Facebook and Twitter, we decided to put together this posting on people’s favorite things about our town. Keep the Perryton love going by adding your own favorites in the comments!

“My favorite thing about Perryton is the people!! We have lived here 2 years, and people have been so welcoming and friendly! We have met some awesome friends here! We are so happy to raise our daughter here. … If we can help it, we are here to stay! :)

“I love the small-town atmosphere and being able to know people on a one-on-one basis. There are real advantages to the small-town atmosphere and the relationships you form.”

“It’s gotta be Dixie Dog!” –Justin

“I moved to Perryton as a sophomore in 1969. My classmates always treated me as if I had grown up there. Special friends were the Lancasters, Rylees, and the Byerlys.” –Michael

“Family, friends, and Dixie Dog!!!” –Allison

“The countryside between Perryton and Pampa is so pretty. I have traveled around, and that has to be the most beautiful place on earth, People still wave at you when you drive by. My grandma’s humming bird cake. I can only get that in Perryton. Dixie Dog rocks.” –Sabrina

“My church, Community Worship Center. We just absolutely adore that place.” –Kevin

“The beautiful skies and the warm, friendly people.” –Mark

“Family, friends, the Dixie Dog, cherry fried pies at Mom Stones, playin’ pinball games at Ranger Bowl, Saturday night movies at the Ranger Drive-In (lotsa beer, of course) and draggin’ Main Street on Friday night in a spotlessly clean car, and, oh yeah, wheat harvest in June … the most beautiful sight in the world!”

“Perryton is still a community where you pretty much know everyone, and it is wonderful to have 20 people say hello and chat with when you go to the grocery store.” –Jessica

“My favorite thing I like about that town or that keeps me going back is my family lives there.” –Tammy

“I was raised there. :) So I guess the Ellis Theater!!!”


  1. Sam H 07.21.10

    I noticed when I was a youngster that people who did not live in Perryton pronounce it Perryington. I moved to Woodward in 1975 1 year after graduating from PHS. I lived in an apartment where a Woodward High School cheerleader lived. The week before the WHS & PHS football game she wrote BEAT PERRYINGTON on the rear window of her car. I found it hard to believe that living that close to Perryton she did not know how to pronounce or spell it. I informed her & she changed it. I discovered that people who don’t live in Perryton pronounce it with the ing so believing it to be proper I have started pronouncing it with the ing since. I hope all other nonresidents have done the same. See you all in September.

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