Leadership Perryton to Host Patrick Snow

Leadership Perryton will kick off its 12th year with international speaker Patrick Snow this Thursday, October 3.

Patrick’s motivational session, “Creating Your Own Destiny,” will begin at 6:30 p.m. at Frank Phillips College Allen Campus. Registration will begin at 6.

His talk will cover the age-old question: Are our destinies determined at birth through our DNA, or do our opportunities, decisions, actions, friends, family, society, and education control our futures? Patrick says 90 percent of people think our destinies our preordained and only 10 percent believe in the capacity to change. But he will explain his personal credo to dream, plan, execute, and soar to achieve the future you desire.

Everyone is invited to attend the motivational presentation. The event is free to the public, thanks to the generous sponsorship of Courson Gas Consultants.

About Patrick Snow
Patrick hails from Wailuku, Hawaii. He has studied personal growth for 20 years. He’s known as the Dean of Destiny and has created a plan to “take charge, create success, and predetermine your future.”

He’s a bestselling author, keynote speaker, publishing coach, and Internet entrepreneur. Patrick discovered his gift for speaking when he delivered pregame speeches to his high school football team when he was 17.

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