Leadership Perryton Participants Get a Glimpse at Poverty

Earlier this month, Leadership Perryton participants took part in a poverty simulation at Amarillo’s Wesley Community Center, a nonprofit organization that assists children. Through the simulation, participants developed a better understanding of what impoverished people go through each day. They also toured the High Plains Food Bank to grasp a better idea of how it helps fight hunger in the Panhandle.

During the poverty simulation, participants had to find a way to provide shelter and basic necessities for a month on a limited budget, working through challenges like being evicted and being denied services. “It’s hard realizing that there are people that have such a hard time making it through their daily lives,” says Terry Estes, a Leadership Perryton participant.

The simulation and food bank tour served as a reminder to be thankful for what we have this holiday season—and throughout the year—and to help those who are less fortunate.

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