Improving the Airport

Earlier this year, the Texas Transportation Commission approved a $3,704,000 grant for Perryton-Ochiltree County Airport improvements. The project is funded through a 90/10 grant from the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) Aviation Facilities grant program, which improves and preserves the state’s general aviation system; the grant will fund 90 percent of the improvements, and the City of Perryton and Ochiltree County will fund the remaining 10 percent.

The airport will use the funds to relocate the taxiway to make it compliant with FAA standards. It will improve its safety and positively impact how planes can get in and out of the airport during certain weather conditions. In addition, the runway improvements may include new approach capabilities for landing aircraft. The strength of the pavement will also be increased (most likely to 30,000-pound single-wheel pavement strength, which can accommodate 45,000-pound double-wheel loads), so larger airplanes can be serviced at the airport.

The enhancements may also include apron (tarmac) and fueling system improvements. The older fuel tanks will likely be removed and replaced with new tanks in a better location. The goal is to be able to come into the airport to refuel without needing to taxi on the apron pavement.

Work is scheduled to begin this summer, and it should be complete early next near. The improvements will be phased so planes can still take off from and land at the airport during the project.

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