Homecoming Giveaway

Homecoming is just around the corner. On Friday, September 30, the Perryton Rangers will take on the Stratford Elk. To celebrate, The Flower Pot, Perryton’s newest flower shop, is giving away a homecoming mum to one lucky winner.

The 36-inch Diva Deluxe double mum (like the one pictured on the right) is an $80 value. It will be personalized with the winner’s name or whatever name the winner prefers. (If the winner does not want to use the mum, she/he is may have it personalized for whomever they would like to give it to.)

How to Enter
To enter the giveaway, simply leave a comment below. Feel free to share your favorite thing about homecoming; tell why you love being a Ranger; or simply say, “Go Rangers!” The contest ends at noon on Monday, so be sure to enter before then.

About The Flower Pot
The Flower Pot opened at 15 SW 7th Avenue on September 15. In addition to creating homecoming mums, owner Mette Hansen creates flower arrangements for all occasions. Mette is originally from Denmark, so she offers a floral style that’s unique to the area. To learn more about her and her new business, be on the lookout for next week’s blog post about The Flower Pot. In the meantime, if you would like to contact The Flower Pot, you may call them at 648-4140.


  1. Melissa 09.21.11

    Yay home coming!!

  2. Devanny 09.21.11

    Homecoming game will be the best.!! They always are.!! We rangers will own .!
    Went to this store yesterday to see some amazing mums .!!
    love em’.!(:
    R.P.N.D (:

  3. Marsha 09.21.11

    I’m a 3rd generation Ranger and proud of it!

  4. kathleen rodriquez 09.21.11

    GO RANGERS !!!!!!!

  5. Debra 09.21.11

    Homecoming games are the best!!!! GO RANGERS!!

  6. Becky 09.21.11

    From being in grade school through high school, the football games and all the ceremonial stuff that goes along with it, was and still is exciting. It doesn’t matter if you have been out of school 1 year or 40 years, the pride you feel when the school song is played, or the team runs out on the field, or the Homecoming Queen is announced….you still get goose bumps and are so proud to be a Perryton Ranger. So glad those things never go away!

  7. shellie 09.21.11

    I love homecoming, the stores with the red and white paint and their Windows. The kids having all the crazy dress up days at school the week of homecoming. Homecoming night the stands are always full. I love the sound of the fans cheering, and the band playing!

  8. Maria 09.21.11

    My favorite thing about homecoming (for me) would have to be playing in the stands with the band, screaming cheering on our Perryton Rangers!
    Why I love being a Perryton Ranger? WE’RE AWESOME THAT’S WHY. :) RANGER PRIDE NEVER DIES! :]

  9. latisha duran 09.21.11

    being a ranger is one of the most thing we should be proud of because we are the pride of perryton each and everyone of us. I am glad to be a ranger I supported the myself in the Perryton High School Band, being vice president for two years and then president for FCCLA, compited in UIL events and cheering on for all rangers and rangerrets. “Lets go Rangers”!!!!!!!!!!! whoo hooooo!!!!!!!!!!

    LaTisha Duran

  10. Tressa broussard 09.21.11

    Go rangers win win win

  11. Jo Johnson 09.21.11

    Go Rangers!!!!! I remember homecoming bomfire back in the day. wish my kids could experance that.

  12. Katy Williams 09.22.11

    Go Rangers!!!

  13. Heather Dumcum 09.22.11

    I love homecoming and I can’t lie….it’s because of the bling!!! Love it!

  14. Maria 09.22.11

    Ranger Pride Never Dies we DOMINATE! Rangers are the definition of Awesome! I am proud to be a Raiderett and hopefully me and my team mates become future rangeretts!:D

  15. jacob anderson 09.26.11

    GO RANGERS!!!!

  16. Terri Anthony 09.26.11

    my Daddy is a Ranger

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