Graduating Leaders

You’re all invited to the Leadership Perryton IX graduation luncheon tomorrow (Friday, May 6) at noon at The Perryton Club.

At the luncheon, we’ll recognize this year’s class, and Randy Anderson will be the keynote speaker. Hailing from Lubbock, Randy is a motivational business speaker who will be presenting “Where Do We Go From Here?”

Please join us in recognizing this new class of leaders. Since they began the program in September 2010, participants have achieved the following:

- Four are better able to do their current jobs.
- One is an officer of a community organization.
- Eight participated in a community volunteer organization.
- Three are involved in leadership of youth activities.
- One applied to be a foster parent.
- Three joined a civic club.
- Five have more responsibilities at work.

About Leadership Perryton
Sponsored by the Perryton Community Development Corporation, the Perryton-Ochiltree Chamber of Commerce, and generous donations from the community, Leadership Perryton is a nine-month leadership education and development series. The series features premier local and outside leaders and speakers. It also includes hands–on tours and field trips of community facilities, services, and local industries.

The basis of the series is observation and interactive participation once a month, without homework, and with a minimum of interim assignments. The information included in Leadership Perryton is not readily accessible outside the program, even through such avenues as in-house company classes, outside seminars, personal research, and exposure. Furthermore, the same results could not be achieved without a much higher cost and would require extensive time from work and home.

As a result of the program, participants develop personal, business, and organizational skills; develop an understanding of the economy of Perryton and Ochiltree County; and develop knowledge of community facilities and services. Employers receive the benefit of a well skilled employee with enhanced leadership skills; a substantially motivated employee with increased self-reliance; and a fresh emerging leader with tools to obtain leadership positions in business, community volunteer opportunities, and service.

If you’re interested in participating in this fall’s 10th anniversary class—Leadership Perryton X—watch our Facebook page for information on how to become involved.

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