Coming Soon: Jefferson Park Apartments

Soon, Perryton will be home to new multifamily housing. The dirt work has begun for Jefferson Park—a one-, two-, and three-bedroom apartment complex located at 2210 S. Jefferson.

Jefferson Park will include 64 units initially. If more housing is needed, two additional phases of construction are planned to meet the demand.

The complex’s clubhouse will include an exercise area, common area, and media area with a big-screen TV and surround sound. Residents can use the media area during normal business hours or can rent it for a small fee outside business hours for events like watch parties. Jefferson Park also will include a playground and will have multiple outdoor barbecuing stations.

The Perryton Community Development Corporation (PCDC) provided incentives for the housing development. If the developer meets specific requirements and provides certificates of occupancy at the end of the project, the PCDC will contribute 10 percent of the build-out.

“Perryton has a huge need for extra housing,” says Sheryl Hardy, executive director of the PCDC. “For economic development to move forward, it’s imperative that we have housing to accommodate the growth. It’s needed to attract the industries we focus on, and even the hospital, schools, and City have problems attracting employees if quality housing isn’t available. This is a good way for the PCDC to help with that.”

Jefferson Park LLC is constructing and managing the housing development. Its parent company, Amarillo-based Admire LP, has designed and constructed multifamily housing in Dumas and Dalhart and has built more than 250 single-family homes in the Texas Panhandle.

Admire LP was interested in building multifamily housing in Perryton after constructing the new First National Bank on South Main. “We saw the housing need, but until the PCDC put together a package to facilitate construction, we couldn’t make the numbers work,” says Damon Admire, managing member. “Economic incentives are 100 percent the reason we ended up doing the deal. In the smaller communities without a progressive economic or community development corporation, they don’t understand we need help developing.”

Admire continues: “Some communities have the need but don’t see that there’s a reason people haven’t developed there to date. As it stands on its own, you can’t make money. We need community development incentives to bridge that gap. It’s critical; it makes a deal or breaks it. Sheryl and the city leadership of Perryton see that.”

The goal is for the apartments to be move-in ready on May 1. As completion nears, Jefferson Park will have a website and contact information for prospective renters. In the meantime, please call the PCDC at 435-4014 with any questions.

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