Calling All Applicants for Leadership Perryton X

Do you want to meet more people in the community? Would you like to learn more about local businesses? Are you interested in developing your potential for leadership and learning? Then Leadership Perryton is for you.

Since 2003, Leadership Perryton has educated and developed 191 leaders. The nine-month leadership development program is designed to introduce tools for personal development, to make better employees, and to make a better community.

Participants meet one day a month to learn from nationally known speakers and to tour community businesses and resources. You’ll gain leadership skills and knowledge firsthand and learn how these tools will have direct application in your professional and personal lives. This unique program offers information that cannot be gained without a much higher investment of time and money.

Benefits include the following:

  • Newcomers to Perryton and long-time residents alike learn about the community and meet new people.
  • You learn about yourself through self-analysis, and you gain self-confidence as you realize who you want to be and how to get there.
  • You gain skills to improve communication and relationships in your family, at work, and in the community.
  • You gain new lifelong friendships and networking contacts in all areas of the community.
  • The employer gains a motivated employee who has increased confidence, improved customer service skills, and new tools for leadership.
  • The community gains residents who are aware of local and state facilities, services, and needs.
  • The graduates gain a desire to be a part of the community.

This year’s Leadership Perryton will include

  • An hour-long orientation in August to meet classmates and learn plans for the series
  • A three-day retreat on September 17th through 19th at Ceta Canyon Camp to kickoff the series (transportation provided)
  • A class one Friday a month from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. in October through May (The morning session features a nationally known speaker presenting on such topics as teamwork, setting goals, managing conflict, leadership styles, dealing with stress, communicating, customer service, and more. The afternoon includes tours related to major economic areas and services in the community.)

Application Information
Leadership Perryton X is limited to 25 people. Representatives of businesses or organizations outside of Ochiltree County are eligible to participate if they do business in or provide services in the county or if the employee lives in the county. The cost is $625 and is due in September of this year; a sponsoring business or the individual participating may pay the fee.

The application deadline is July 25, and orientation is Monday, August 8. You can download a brochure about the course below. Applications are available from the Chamber of Commerce (2000 S. Main St.) or the Perryton CDC (110 S. Ash St.), or you may download an application below by clicking on the link.

For more information, feel free to contact any of the people listed below.
Cynthia Shattles — 228-6705
Marilyn Reiswig — 435-6575
Sheryl Hardy — 435-4014

Leadership Perryton X brochure — page 1
Leadership Perryton X brochure — page 2
Leadership Perryton application

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