August Quiz

How much do you know about our Wheatheart of the Nation Celebration? Put your knowledge to the test!


When is the Wheatheart of the Nation Celebration this year?

What does our celebration commemorate?

This year is Perryton's __ birthday.

What is the annual celebration day at Museum of the Plains called?

What is the theme of this year's celebration?


  1. Priscilla Berumen 08.06.13

    Ready for the celebration (:

  2. Becky Randall 08.06.13

    It’s always a great time during the celebration!

  3. Cyndi Bollinger 08.06.13

    Not too bad.

  4. Scott Strawn 08.06.13

    I am “competent” Good to know that.

  5. Trish Carroll 08.07.13

    2 yrs off, darn

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