What Is This?

It’s time again for our monthly giveaway! This time, a $50 gift card to Pizza Hut is up for grabs.

We’re shaking things up a bit this month. Instead of the usual quiz, just guess what this Perryton photo is. For your chance to win, write you guess in the comments section below. One winner will be randomly selected from all participants. (Your guess doesn’t have to be correct for you to win.) The giveaway closes at 10 p.m. on Monday (May 2), so be sure to leave your guess before then. After the contest closes, we’ll reveal the entire photo. Good luck!

What is this?


  1. Jason 04.29.11

    The war bonds mural?

  2. kim fowler 04.29.11

    It is the painting on top of the old Hallmark building.

  3. Cyndi Bollinger 04.29.11

    I agree with Kim. I think it is the Hallmark Building also.

  4. Tod keeth 04.29.11

    Painting at the hallmark building

  5. Jo Johnson 04.29.11

    The painting on the Old Hallmark Building

  6. LARRY MUNDAY 04.30.11


  7. Desirae ingle 05.01.11

    I agree with everyone else. Hallmark building

  8. Melissa Barclay 05.01.11

    The painting on the Hallmark building !!

  9. Megan Chatman 05.01.11

    I think it is the old dam at the lake.

  10. Tom Goforth 05.01.11

    The painting on the side of the hallmark building.

  11. kathleen rodriquez 05.01.11

    Painting on the Hallmark building.

  12. Frances Aston 05.02.11

    The painting on the old Hallmark Building

  13. Elizabeth 05.02.11

    Hallmark building

  14. Paula Davis 05.02.11

    Hallmark building painting.

  15. Jacob Anderson 05.02.11

    Painting on the hallmark building of the plane

  16. Carolyn Thompson 05.02.11

    The painted brinks on the top of the old Hallmark building?

  17. Dana Donahue 05.02.11

    It is part of the War Bonds painting on the old Plainview Hardware building.

  18. Angie Graves 05.02.11

    The war bonds mural on the side of the hallmark bldg

  19. Jason Vanosdol 05.03.11

    It is the war bonds mural on the side of the old Hallmark building. (btw, I think we should get this repainted!)

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