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Wheatheart of the Nation Celebration Schedule

The annual Wheatheart of the Nation Celebration—our commemoration of when Perryton was founded in 1919—is just around the corner! Celebration week will begin Tuesday, August 20, but there are fun events throughout August. Here’s the preliminary schedule. We’ll keep you updated as details are available.

Time to Sign Up for Leadership Perryton XII

Leadership Perryton XII is just around the corner! The nine-month leadership series—beneficial to entrepreneurs, managers, and employees alike—will feature first-rate speakers, tours, workshops, networking, a retreat, and much more. Topics include communication, conflict management, motivation, leadership styles, customer service, and team building. Participants also will learn more about the community through local business and industry

40th Annual Oil Patch Golf Tournament Held This Week

This week will mark the 40th anniversary of Perryton’s Oil Patch Golf Tournament. Held on July 12, 13, and 14 at the Perryton Municipal Golf Course, this year’s tournament is dedicated to Charles and JoAnne Pride, founders of Pride Well Service. A dedication presentation will be held for JoAnne and her late husband at a

July Quiz

Do you know what prehistoric creatures’ bones were discovered near Perryton? How about how hot it gets here? Take our five-question quiz to find out.

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